Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Lights and Fun

Just over a week ago we went with Nathan`s family (minus his sister and her family from out west) to Boston Pizza for supper and then to Christmas at the Taylor`s and Canad Inn`s Winter Wonderland.

A description of Christmas at the Taylor`s.....

Since the first train rides in 1996, The Assiniboine Valley Railway has given rides to over 130 000 passengers through the Taylor family’s Christmas light display. The display grows every year and now has over 98 000 lights. The Assiniboine Valley Railway features four 1/8 scale trains transporting up to 45 people at a time through the 7 acres of forest. The railway winds through trees and light displays.

The trip takes about 6 minutes and can accommodate up to 700 people per night. Tickets can be purchased at the station, where you can also warm up and enjoy hot chocolate. Visitors must walk in from Roblin Blvd or from the 1 hour parking area in order to purchase train tickets. Those walking in will enjoy a 1000 foot lighted pathway in the bush, which will not be accessible to those who drive in. You can also enjoy a longer path of about 2000 feet that takes you deeper in the forest. This trail will take you past the new Gingerbread Village that can only be seen from this trail or by riding the train on the old line. This trail has been improved this year and has more lighting along its length. It is a natural trail so watch for roots and trees, etc.

It was a fairly nice evening when we went but we got there well after 6:30 (when it opens) and ended up having to wait almost an hour for the train ride.  We decided it was worth it (considering it wasn`t too cold!) but if we did it again we would make sure to come for exactly 6:30 so we wouldn`t have to wait as long.  The tickets were $2 per person or $20 for 12 people I think.
Nativity scene on display while waiting in line for the train.

Walking the light-lit paths.

After that we headed to Canad Inn`s Winter Wonderland which is a drive through light display.  The light displays are quite amazing, but for the price ($15 per vehicle) it is a little disappointing - there should be more displays.  But at least you stay warm!  

Next year we`d like to do Christmas at the Taylor`s again, but we`d likely skip the Winter Wonderland and rather head to Candy Cane Lane, Polar Bear Lane, etc in Lindenwoods for some beautiful lights viewing in a warm vehicle.

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