Friday, 13 December 2013

On the 1st Day of Christmas....

Inspired by my sister doing this for her husband last year, and reminded by my friend Pamela doing it for her husband this year, I've decided to bless my husband with gifts throughout the twelve days of Christmas - or at least, the twelve days leading up to Christmas.  I know they technically start on Christmas Day, but I think it's more fun to give them out before Christmas - both as a fun anticipation of Christmas Day, and as a reminder during this busy season to prioritize the relationships closest to me.

The general idea is that I will give Nathan a gift every day for the next twelve days, and the gift will correspond somehow with the number of the day in the countdown.

Today's gift was one Starbucks Christmas tree ornament - Nathan was recently introduced to their frappuccino and it's his new favourite drink.  Emma hung it up next to one of the two Tim's ornaments already in our tree.

Nathan acted like the idea was a bit silly, but I can tell he really likes it.  I'm looking forward to the next twelve days!

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