Thursday, 17 March 2016

Book Review: Lolli and Pop Find Kindness by Carolyn Snelling

About the Book: For preschoolers and early readers, author Carolyn Snelling offers little "Lolli" Cake and her pup named "Pop". This sweet duo share their adventures as they learn about GOd's Fruit of the Spirit. This first book, "Lolli and Pop Find Kindness", helps your early reader understand that while kindness can, at times, be hard to show, God hopes we can learn to easily share it with others.

My Thoughts:  Overall, I thought this was a delightful children's book.  My kids are a bit old for the target range, but I thought I would get their perspectives on it anyway.

I read it to my 8yr old son and he loved it!  When I asked him a few days later if he wanted me to read it to him again he immediately said yes, and he asked if there were more books about the other fruit of the spirit.  So Carolyn, you better get writing!

My almost 11 yr old daughter thought it was a bit dull, but she's probably too young to appreciate that kids younger than her would think it was cute.

My 13 yr old daughter however, thought it was a great book for kids and she thought they'd like it.

I found the illustrations delightful and overall the story was good.  If I'm going to be picky, I thought it odd that Lolli called her parents "mother" and "father", as in real life, I only hear "mom", "mommy" or "mama".  My only other minor complaint is that in one part of the book it's implied that kindness shouldn't be hard because it's a free gift from God, but in another part it acknowledges that it sometimes is hard.   It IS hard to be kind at times, and that's how you know you're showing the fruit of the Spirit, because it is only through the power of the Spirit that we can show kindness even when it is hard.

Overall all, very cute book, and I hope Snelling continues with more in the series!

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Lolli and Pop Find Kindness released in January 2016 from Carpenter’s Son Publishing. For more information about the series, visit Snelling’s website at where there is also a video for children that introduces the series and the activities for children.

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