Monday, 10 September 2012

Not Me Monday - School

I don't know about you, but I am always super organized and always know exactly what is going on in my kids schedules - especially when it comes to the starting up of the brand new school year and all the extracurricular activities that come along with it.

It goes without saying then that I would be completely organized for the beginning of dance classes and there's no way I would've forgotten that last year dance class actually started a couple of days before school started.  No, not me!

I didn't only remember that fact on Monday evening as we were going to bed and I definitely didn't have to quickly start up my MacBook in order to check on the website what day dance classes started, only to realize that they start Tuesday.  As in that Tuesday.  As in the very next day.  Nope, not me!

I wouldn't need to be thankful Emma's stuff all fit well enough to wear and have to quickly whip over to Walmart during her class in order to buy Olivia's ballet shoes before her class started an hour later.  Nope, no me!

And obviously, even if I were to have done any of that, that certainly would be the only organizational mishap to happen the first week of school.

I wouldn't have delayed ordering labels until less than one week before school started and end up having to pay for next day shipping in order to get them in time.  No, not me!

And even if all that had happened, I definitely would not miss out on Meet the Teacher and the opportunity to drop off school supplies because I thought it was on Wednesday when it was actually on Tuesday.  Nope, not me!

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Pamela said...

Story of my life in the back to school season. It has to get better, right?


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