Monday, 3 September 2012

Not Me Monday

When I invite company over for lunch, I'm always careful to make delicious food and would certainly never burn something.  Nope, not me.

I try to make things everyone will like and pizza buns is always a hit, but I would never so busy with other lunch fixings that I would forget that they were under the broiler.  Nope, not me.

I wouldn't detect a faint odour that signaled to my brain that something was wrong.  And obviously I wouldn't have to rush to the oven, yank open the door and pull out burnt pizza buns.  Nope, not me.

And I most certainly wouldn't serve them anyway because I didn't have enough extra ingredients to make a fresh, non-burnt version and justify the decision by reasoning that we were all too hungry to wait anyway.  Nope, not me.

I wouldn't simply scrape off the burnt edges and tell the kids they would taste just fine, before even tasting them myself.  Oh no, not me.

I wouldn't taste them myself only to realize how horrible they actually were, forcing me to have to pick off the worst of the burnt cheese so they were somewhat edible. No, not me.

It follows that I also wouldn't tell the kids they didn't have to finish their pizza buns and allow them to fill up on chips as that would be very unhealthy and I never let my kids even have junk food, never mind fill up on junk food.  No, not me!

And I most certainly wouldn't post a picture of said burnt pizza buns for all blog world to see.  No, not me.

And I definitely would not publicly admit that I'm very glad the company was my sister.  No, not me! ;)

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Pamela said...

Classic. I am not chuckling to myself...nope, not me!

Andrea said...

Once the worst of the burned cheese was picked off...the rest was certainly very edible. :)


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