Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Happy birthday to me!

Artwork done by the kids while waiting for our food at Green Mill. Clockwise from top left we have Jacob's drawing of Lightning McQueen and the sky, Emma's flower, Sophia's landscape with flower and Olivia's picture of our family.

My gift? A wedding band to go with the new engagement style ring we bought a year ago to replace my original ring. I had lost the diamond a few years back and had been wearing an anniversary ring (which matched Nathan's wedding ring). When I looked into how much it would cost to replace the diamond it would be about the same as buying a whole new ring. I figured I may as well get a new ring in an updated style. But after we bought that (on a cruise), I realized I was too sentimental about my old ring after all. So we put a ruby in it (July's birthstone because it's the month we were married). I felt that my new ring alone made it look like I was just engaged instead of married so I requested a new wedding band for my birthday (and Mother's Day and our anniversary and on and on - I think I've used up my quota for awhile!).

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LaughingLady said...

Looks and sounds like a good way to celebrate a birthday to me!!


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