Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A 12 yr old's response to the Boston Marathon bombings

Emma's 6th grade class was given a writing assignment yesterday for homework. They were supposed to write about the Boston Marathon bombings, how it made them feel and what legal measures could be put in place to help prevent similar tragedies. This is what she wrote.....

I feel terrible. Those poor people who had to experience that.

One bomb. BOOM! Another bomb. POW!

I mean, how can someone be so cruel? How can you know there will be pregnant women, children, and so many others in this crowd and give them a big tragedy like this?

I think people need to be scanned, bags and pockets need to be checked before any big event.

Before each big event, the place where the event is should be checked thoroughly by police, because everyone needs to be as safe as possible.

In my opinion, I don't think cell phones should be turned off, because what if there's a sitter or someone watching your kids at home and there is an emergency and parents need to be reached? How can you contact them without phones?

Now because of this bomb, children go to bed, and live their lives terrified to go outside or scared to even live! People start worrying, ideas come into people's minds, and no one thinks they're safe.

We live in a cruel world.


Just stop and think.

Two bombs caused so much pain, tragedy, heartache, and fear.

Eventually the media will stop the interviews and reporting, and people will go back to their normal lives.

But, not those whose families were broken.

Permanent injuries, images being replayed over, and over, and over again in people's minds, lost loved ones, and scars, emotionally and physically.

Those memories will not be forgotten.

Those loved ones will not be ignored.

Those wounds will not heal.

Those tears will not dry.

Those lives will not be normal.

Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

Never, ever, ever will this be forgotten.

Too many lives affected in some sort of way.

But, we have to think, have to know, we are young and beautiful. Yes, there are evil people who do something. What needs to happen now is all those good people who don't do something, need to do something.

Let good power over evil.

Be strong and courageous.

Power through the evil, comfort the ones affected by the evil, and keep your head held high, against the evil.

Remember those hard times and let righteous anger build up inside of you, beat out the evil.

Because we ARE strong, and we CAN do this.

Remember Boston, Sandy Hook, and all those places.

When you think you're overcome, beaten and destroyed, think of them, and fight on.

Because we can change the world.

One million, starts with one.


Pamela said...

Great job! SO sad ...this broken world we live in.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Facebook comments (17 likes).....

Veronika Dyck: Wow! Well said.

Jamie Friesen: Wow Emma - that literally brought tears to my eyes. I'm so proud of you for writing such an amazing essay. Truly remarkable!!! Bostonians would be very proud too if they could read your amazing words!!

Karen Brandt Cavers: Wow

Michelle McNaughton Roukema: Wow! She writes like you! Amazing!

Jennifer Brandt Pratt: What a beautiful heart<3 very profound

Jenn Cinnamon Lapkin: Holy moley that is a talented writer you have! What a powerful essay. Save that one mom...that's scholarship material right there. Beautiful words.

Maranetta Friesen Simmons: Awesome! Emma has a God given gift. Never let your words be silenced.


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