Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY Ziplock Icing Bag Tutorial

I used to have a reusable icing/pastry bag, but the hole at the tip wore out so much the shaped tips slid out too much and icing oozed out the sides.  Not exactly conducive to decorating with any sort of detail.  I found a rather inexpensive set at the local grocery store and figured it was worth a try.  Yeah, not so much.  So, there I was, about to decorate 60+ cupcakes with no icing bag.  

Insert panic mode here.

So, I improvised, and it worked like a charm!  So, here are instructions on how to make your own icing decorating bag out of a large zip lock bag.

First reinforce the two sides with tape to prevent the seems from splitting as you squeeze out the icing. Do not skip this step.  If you do, make sure you decorate cupcakes with said faulty icing bag out of earshot of any impressionable children.  Or be prepared to have a tongue that hurts from biting it shut. Your choice. 

Trust me.  Your bag will split.  Icing will be everywhere.  Ask me how I know. 

Thankfully I already learned that lesson previously, so no extra panic was added to this particular venture.

If all you need is a round tip, simply snip the corner tip off to size.  

If you're needing a shaped tip, you can try cutting that yourself (ha, ha, ha) or simply snip the corner off (make sure the tape goes all the way to the snipped portion), large enough to insert the coupler.  Attach the pastry tip you've chosen to the pastry coupler and tighten the coupler ring over the tip, just like you would when using a "real" decorating bag.  As an extra precaution to avoid oozing icing and sore tongues, tape the outside of these joints well.

Fill your pastry bag with icing and you're ready to roll!

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