Monday, 27 August 2012

Oscar the Grouch: Sesame Street Characters Cupcake Tutorial

Welcome back to my four part series: Sesame Street Character Cupcake Tutorial. So far we've covered Elmo and Cookie Monster.  Today?  Oscar the Grouch!

Once again, begin by baking awesome cupcakes using my Hershey's awesome cake/cupcake recipe.  Yes, I am going to beat this to death and mention it in every post.  It's that good. 

For Oscar, you will need....
cupcakes (see above recipe hint)
icing coloured with Wilton's no taste green food colouring
2 white chocolate wafers (aka candy melts) per cupcake
Oreo cookies
chocolate icing
mini chocolate chips or more chocolate icing

Using Wilton's no taste green food colouring, pipe Oscar's fur onto the cupcake using a star tip.

Break apart the Oreos, scrape off (and eat!) the icing, break the Oreos in half and shove the cookie right into Oscar's mouth area.  You want him to look like he's grimacing, not smiling!  I tried the upside down smile-turned-frown, but that just looked weird.  We did this and it worked for me!  Also put the white chocolate wafers (aka candy melts) on for his eyes.  Oscar's eyes are not on the top of his head like Elmo and Cookie Monster, so make sure to put them lower down, and make sure they are not touching each other.  Perfectionist, anyone?!

I wasn't sure I'd have enough chocolate icing left to use for Oscar's unibrow, but Emma came up with a fantastic idea - use upside down mini chocolate chips!  Stagger them close together to get that accurate bushy unibrow.

Pipe chocolate icing for the pupils - centred and not as cross-eyed as Elmo's.

And voila!  Oscar the Grouch!

Stay tuned for the Sesame Street Characters Cupcake Tutorial finale - Big Bird.  By far the most difficult character to create.  Seriously y'all, I almost killed him. (And yes, that was a fake Texas accent.  Y'all know I'm from the Great White North!)

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Andrea said...

It's true...the chocolate cupcakes really tasted amazing. And I'm not usually one to rave about a chocolate cake - I usually prefer vanilla.


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