Monday, 2 November 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 2 - Your Earliest Memory

Day 2 - Your Earliest Memory

I have a notoriously bad memory - at least when it comes to remembering things from the past.  The earliest moments I can remember are in Grade 1. I have several memories from that time period.

I remember an assembly where a performer of some kind came and brought a caged tiger or some other sort of wild cat for us to see.

Another assembly where they had a moonwalking contest.

There was a time when I was jealous of my best friend Becky because the teacher publicly praised the way she was coloring in her circle, which was different than the way I was going it.  Yup, those perfectionist tendencies began a long time ago!

And there was a time when Becky got hurt on one of the structures on the play ground - that one where you hold on and you swing around and around a pole?  She ended up going flying off it. Yeah, they don't have that one anymore nowadays.

I also remember someone I know, who shall remain nameless (not me!), getting pantsed.

There you have it - memories from Grade 1!

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