Wednesday, 4 November 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 4 - 10 Interesting Facts About Yourself

Day 4 - 10  Interesting Facts About Yourself

I'm not sure if they're necessarily all that interesting, but here's 10 facts about me....

1) I have had 3 last names.  I was born with the last name Dueck.  After my dad's death and my mom's remarriage to my new Dad, I became a Friesen.  And then when I married, I became a Reimer. Mennonite all the way around!  (We've also got Rempel, Thiessen, and Koop in our blood)

2) I've been blessed to be loved by two dads and my heavenly Father, and a husband that is an amazing dad to our 4 kids.

3) Nathan and I have built and moved into 6 new houses in the past 17 years.  The longest we ever lived in one house was 4 1/2 years.  The shortest was 8 months.

4) I've been pregnant 6 times.

5) Nathan and I have been on 8 cruises and are planning our 9th.  The best part is that they've all been free.

6) I switched schools several times in my early elementary education, and then stayed put the rest of the time.  Preschool was in Calgary, Kindergarten in Winnipeg, Grade 1 in St. Adolphe, and Grade 2-12 in Niverville.

7) I went to U of W for one year in the Faculty of Education (it was the last year Education was a 4 yr degree).  I was planning to become a high school math teacher.  I no longer have a desire to teach high school math. :)

8) I am currently learning how to play hockey for the first time in my life!  I started this past spring with a 12 week session, and am continuing once a week now from October through March. I never took skating lessons, or played hockey or ringette as a kid, so this is a new and fun experience for me!  I'm not sure if the kids think it's more hilarious or awesome.

9) I have a weakness for chips.  And freshly baked cookies.  And cinnamon buns.  And chocolate.  But not ice cream.  Unless it's a Rolo revel.

10) I have exercised between 4 - 6 days a week for the past 17 years, including right up until delivery with all 4 babies (I took a bit of time off when I was really sick during pregnancy).  I've done everything from the TSN Caribbean workout, to Slim in 6, to Insanity, to training for a 10K, to P90X3, to Insanity Max 30, to various Jillian Michaels DVDs, to PiYo, to Body Beast, to the Venus Index, to Chalean Extreme, to 21 Day Fix Extreme, to T25.  There's a couple more oldies I did way back when that I can't remember.  Ooh - I just googled it - I also did Buns of Steel, Tae Bo, and Body Moves.

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