Friday, 6 November 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 6 - Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

Day 6 - Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

This may be the "Sunday School answer" but it's also true - Jesus.  There will likely be no limit to the questions I'll ask Him when I get the chance!  The why is pretty obvious - there's no one more fascinating than God.

And if I have to pick a regular person, instead of God, it would depend on if that person was supposed to be alive or dead.

Dead - it would probably be someone from the Bible - Joseph, Paul, David, Solomon, Elijah, the list could probably go on and on!

Alive - maybe Joni Eareckson Tada.  If you don't know her.... a diving accident as a teenager left her a quadriplegic. Currently 66 yrs old, she has become an internationally known speaker, vocalist, radio host, author, and an advocate for disabled person.  The why seems pretty self-explanatory.

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