Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Vaccination Controversy

We have always vaccinated our other 3 girls as per the "usual" schedule. For some reason I'm not feeling good about doing this with Jacob. Between the autism, mercury and aluminum it just is not sounding good to me. I don't know if this is a nudge from God or just me being paranoid, but we have tentatively decided on doing a delayed vax schedule. Jacob's appointment is in less than 2 weeks so we'll continue to pray about it, but I'm pretty confident this is what we're going to do.

For anyone that's interested, we're going to follow the vaccination schedule from Dr.Bob Sears (we will probably eliminate the Rotavirus, flu shots, chickenpox and for sure will not do the HPV).

2 months - DTaP, Rotavirus
3 months - Pc, HIB
4 months - DTaP, Rotavirus
5 months - Pc, HIB
6 months - DTaP, Rotavirus
7 months - Pc, HIB
9 months - Polio, Flu (Do 2 doses of flu between 6 and 12 months if nearing flu season, then yearly thereafter, up to age 5, as flu season approaches. Try to use only a mercury-free shot. If its not available, don't get it that year, or get the nasal spray)
12 months - Mumps, Polio
15 months - Pc, HIB
18 months - DTaP, Chickenpox
21 months - Flu
2 years - Rubella, Polio
2 1/2 years - Hep B, Hep A
3 years - Hep B, Masles, Flu
3 1/2 years - Hep B, Hep A
4 years - DTaP, Polio, Flu
5 years - MMR (can group together for this booster)
6 years - Chickenpox
12 years - Tdap, HPV
12 years, 2 months - HPV
13 years - HPV, Meningococcal (once the Meningococcal vaccine is approved for age 2, Dr. Bob will move it there and delay hep B by 6 months)

In case you were curious...

In case you were curious what the girl's name was that we had chosen, it was....

Ava Susanne

Ava ends with the "ah" sound, of course, just like our other girl's names.
And Susanne was for my grandma (my mom's mom) who passed away over a year ago. She was the definition of a prayer warrior and I would've been honored to have a daughter named after her.

In truth, I loved Ava and am kinda sorry we won't get to use it.

We are, barring divine intervention, done having kids so that was not a hint in any way, shape or form!

Boy names - you'd think by our 4th one we would've had a boys name we'd just been dying to use. But no! In fact, we were not totally sold on any of the boy names we decided on with the others - we just decided on them cause we had to pick something! Not at all like our girl names where we KNEW we had the right one every time! Anyway.....

Emma would've been Brendan if she had been a boy. My cousin had a Brenden after Emma was born so...
Sophia would've been Evan. (We were still debating between Joseph and Evan on the way to the hospital)
Olivia also would've been Evan. But after she was born I heard of some girls being named Evyn so we had to change it again! (We like BOY names for a boy).
We decided on Jacob's name only 5 days before he was born. :)


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