Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chore Chart Bonanza!

I posted the other day about chores and allowance, and how we have decided not to link the two together. Anyway, I also promised to share with you some chore charts I found whilst scouring the internet.

So, time to deliver! I'm sure there are even more ideas out there, but surely this will be enough, just check it out....

In no particular order, I am posting pictures to various chore chart options, as well as links to the original blogs so you can see the instructions for putting it together yourself.

Simple chore cards by Wardeh

Kristi Lea has a very detailed post about her chore chart system which incorporates a dice game to decide which children do which chores. She also explains their reward system - some great ideas here!

As you can see, we are leaving simple behind us now. Kierste has two fabulous chore chart ideas. The one on the left is a dry erase chore chart and the one on the right is an adorable burlap chore chart.

Julie created this chore chart (aka anti-boredom device) for her five children using a cookie sheet and some magnets.

Katherine had a really cute idea, especially for moms with young kids.

MyLittleGems posted a great tutorial on how to make this crafty chore chart using a placemat, popsicle sticks, felt stars and paper clips.

Jennifer also had two great ideas - the one on the left is here and the tutorial for the one on the right is in two parts, here and here.

Pretty creative so far, right? Oh, we're just getting started baby!

For all y'all cowgirls out there, this one's for you and your Howdy Helpers!

Now these are some classy looking chore boards!

Another magnetic chore board - I'm not entirely sure how it's supposed to be organized, but it looks like a fun idea.

Monica made this beautiful chore chart, but it looks like they take up a lot of space, so if you have a lot of kids this probably is not the best option.

Melissa made this key chain chore system - simple and fun!

No tutorial for this one, you can buy it from Lil Luna on etsy, but it looks pretty easy to make. I'm assuming magnets again. Oh wait, I did a little more digging and found the tutorial after all - here it is!

Tiff's chore chart is colour coded by kid.

Amy created this cute framed magnetic rotating chore chart and has another post detailing their rewards points system and "home store".

Cami claims to have created the ultimate chore chart.

Amber's is similar to Cami's, but both of them would also take up a lot of space as you make one per child. Amber had another idea pictured on the right.

Michelle made a very creative, yet simple, chore chart with a clipboard, some scrapbooks supplies and clothespins.

Jolanthe has a chore chart for those that like lists!

Martha Stewart's magnetic job chart - not as impressed as I thought I'd be Martha.

If you're a little more ambitious, this is a really stylish and fun idea - if you're a diy handy-woman, this one's for you!

Liz made this cute wooden heart flip chore chart.

Erin made these dry erase chore charts - simple yet cute!

For you sewers out there, this chore ticket pocket system might be for you!

Mandy created a really cute chore chart for little kids with a Noah's ark theme.

Another magnetic chore chart idea.

Shabby Spot Boutique put a family spin on the chore chart - teamwork!

Jeanie created this chore chart - it uses a lot of velcro!

Jennifer uses a tag and folder system.

Paul and Ines created this random system - doesn't get much simpler than this!

There's also cool online chore charts like this one that you can do.

If you're looking for some age appropriate chores for your kids - here's a list I found that should help you out.

Another simple idea to involve the whole family is a Focused 15 (x4) minutes of cleaning "go time"!

Whew! That's it!!

I was going to include a picture of our girl's summer chore charts (just printed from a Word document), but something got really messed up with my file, so I may have to do that another day.

So, which one do you like the best?!


Kristi Lea said...

Wow Tammy, you took so much time posting all of these. I hope they can be of great benefit to many families! There are some really creative mom's out there aren't there?! I hope your new system works great for you guys!

Anonymous said...

WOW - that is a huge variety of chore charts - I had no idea! I will have to take a closer look at them all to see which one is my favorite. But do you know at what age it is appropriate to start with a chores chart? Justice will be turning 3 in 4 months - is it too early to start assigning chores?

TammyIsBlessed said...

Jacquie - you absolutely could do a chore chart for him already! There's a few options in there that would be perfect for him (the Noah's Ark one, or the hand one, for ex). Doesn't have to be very many - just a few simple ones like help make his bed or clean up toys.

LaughingLady said...

Wow. I am seriously going to need some time to look these over!!! I've been trying to decide exactly how I want to do this, but I will certainly not be able to blame it on a lack of inspiration now! ;) It might take me a while to finally choose one (or a combination), but you've provided a wonderful one-stop-shop place for inspiration!!

Thanks for posting this, Tammy ~ as well as the chore charts you used for your own kids.

Jen said...

I like the "from Lil Luna on etsy" Because it gives kids a visual of chores to do and ones they have done.. they get to move it..and plus its super cute and not tacky looking!

Andrea said...

Phew...I FINALLY took some time to look some of these chore chart ideas over. I gotta say, I'm diggin' the first one right at the very top. It's simple and I like how you can put cards in the slots depending on the day.

When I first did my first chore chart for the girls this summer, it was just a list for every day. But then there were some days where we were hardly home so they didn't even get a chance to mess up the there was nothing to do to clean it up. But with this system, every morning (or the night before) when I look at what we have up for the day, I can divide up the chores accordingly. Hmmm...

There are a few other ones that I really liked too -- but I'm all about simple. :)


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