Tuesday, 28 August 2007

How well do you know me?

If you know me in real life - I invite you to check out my quiz on Facebook - How well do you know me?

Friday, 24 August 2007

More A-Z

J is for Joking around
I forgot to put H is for Humour, so I figured I better get J is for Joking around in here! Humour is so important in a relationship. Laughing with each other and being able to laugh at yourself is truly cathartic. And I'm sure it must burn some calories too :) That's definitely one of the qualities that attracted me to Nathan. I think he's quite funny. Of course, I like to insist to him that I'm just as funny as he is - but I know that's not quite true. After I get in a particular good one he likes to add "You're not on a roll!" cause usually my jokes go downhill in quality after the first one. Hee hee.

J is for Jesus
What a friend we have in Jesus (someone should use that in a song or something:). Truly He is all of the following (or some of the following - how many is up to you - free will and all that!)
Friend, Saviour, Lord (this one is truly an daily decision - who will be Lord of your life today Tammy, you or Jesus?), Comforter, Guide, Healer, Giver of all things good, Protector, Cheerleader (OK, that sounds irreverant I know - but truly no one is cheering you on more than He is!), Redeemer (He can take ANYTHING you've done or any circumstance in your life and redeem it), Creator and Almighty God!

J is for Jamie & Joelle & Jean-Guy
Jamie is my one and only brother. He's 5 yrs younger than me, and let's just say he sometimes take his joking around to extremes. Thankfully, as I was so much older (read bigger) than he was, he generally bugged Andrea to death instead of me. Michelle would just beat him up if he tried it on her. Thankfully, now that he's bigger than us, we have husbands to protect us. :) Love ya Jame.

Joelle is my first niece! I finally got to be an auntie when this cutie was born. Unfortunately, since I already had my own kids at the time, I'm not likely going to wear the title of favorite aunt (so much easier to capture that title when you're not running after your two, or three or soon to be four kids!). But, she's a sweetie none the less.

And, last but not least, Jean-Guy is my brother-in-law. He's a great guy - especially because he loves my sister Michelle and their beautiful curly-haired daughter Elliott the way he does. The fact that Nathan likes to talk sports with him doesn't hurt either. :) And maybe, he'll even produce a nephew for us come November - hey, stranger things have happened!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Movie Recommendation

In direct contrast to our last movie fiasco, we thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's dinner and a movie! We went to see The Bourne Ultimatum - and, as we expected, it was fantastic!! We went to Pasta La Vista for supper - but I have to say, we weren't overly impressed. We'll stick to Olive Garden for Italian food that's for sure! But we had a fabulous time!

We had a moment where we thought we might not be enjoying our movie so much - as a couple with a baby sat down in our aisle! A baby?! Didn't I get a babysitter to get away from babies? :) Thankfully the baby only cried a few times, and was pretty quiet. Whew!

More in the A-Z

F is for Future
I am one of those people that would love a glimpse into the future. Only good glimpses though! I often wonder - what will the girls look like when they're older? Who will their husbands be?

And, most important - will they be sharing heaven with me for all eternity?

Of course, I realize that that is their own personal decision - and, yet, as their parents, we have the most influence over their belief systems that anyone can ever have - a huge and daunting responsibility! So, one thing we have determined to do is to be as open and honest and communicative as is humanly possible. Nothing is off limits in discussion. Our relationship with Jesus needs to be talked about in everyday life - not just on Sundays and not even just at evening Bible Story and prayers. They need to see that this Relationship is wholly applicable to each and every part of our lives.

On a lighter note - F is also for Fingers. A classy restaurant I worked in during my one year at university. I first started as a Hostess, then as a Busser and then as a Server. The tips sure beat Chicken Chef's! Though I have to say, the work was probably easier. :)

G is for Gravy
I love gravy!

That is the one down side to GF holidays (G is also for GF - our regular "holiday" destination with the kids). They don't have gravy for french fries in the States. In fact, I don't think any of them have heard of poutines. Gasp - the horror!

Gravy on perogies, gravy on rice, gravy on noodles, gravy, gravy, gravy!

H is for Hugs
I love hugs. I especially love hugs from my girls and my man. Can you ever hug too much? No, there's no such thing.

I is for Induction
So far I've had to be induced for every labour. With both Emma & Sophia my water broke and nothing happened so I was induced - both were born exactly on their due dates. With Olivia I had a leak the day before her due date (totally my same MO!), but StB is a pain and wouldn't induce me - until I was 10 days overdue and at the fetal assessment they discovered I had very little amniotic fluid left. Hmmmm, I wonder why?! So, they induced me then too. The pain about being induced is that they have to monitor you constantly - so showering and walking and all the other methods of pain coping aren't even options. So, I am REALLY hoping not to have to be induced with this one - but that's probably a long shot because apparently my body doesn't know how to go into labour on it's own. :)

Monday, 13 August 2007

D and E in the A-Z of Me!

D is for Dinner & a Movie!
Dinner & a movie is pretty much our traditional date night. We love eating and we love movies! We usually go to either The Olive Garden, Tony Roma's or if we really want to splurge we go to The Keg. I love The Keg - hmmmm, the bread! I think I could eat a whole one myself! And of course, at The Olive Garden - it's their breadsticks that do me in! Tony Roma's is all about the ribs of course. I'm not exactly an adventurous restaurant orderer. I always gets the same thing - why mess with a good thing, right?! At the Olive Garden I get the lunch portion of Chicken Alfredo on whole wheat linguine. As though the whole wheat makes up for all that cream! With the pasta fagioli soup and about 3 breadsticks. Tony Roma's it's the Honey Garlic ribs. And at The Keg it's the Teriyaki Sirloin steak. Hmmmmmm, good! For movies - we always use our Airmiles for 2 tickets, one popcorn and 2 drinks - not that I need more food after all that bread! We're planning on seeing The Bourne Ultimatum this weekend - can't wait!

E is for Emma Marion
That was a no-brainer! Our firstborn came into the world on March 30th, 2001 - exactly ON HER DUE DATE! I know - pretty rare! My water broke the day before. And when I say broke, I mean broke. I do not mean trickle. We're talking another global flood. You could SEE the difference in my stomach afterwards! Anyway, we went to the hospital and nothing happened. No contractions, nada, nothing, zip, zilch. So, after waiting and walking, they induced me. And she was born sometime around 1am (I have a horrible memory and I'm not getting up to verify the time!). She was 8lb 1oz and the cutest baby ever (until a few years later when she was joined by Sophia & Olivia of course. It's currently a 3-way tie until January!)

Anyway, Emma is quite the character. Her imagination is incredible (she certainly does not get that from me). When she just turned 2 she was already pretending to take her stuffed animals to our local amusement park, setting up a big production in order to do so. She loves to put on shows for us - ballet, singing, you name it she loves it! And she is an excellent singer too. Her music teacher at school actually told us that she'd never heard a Kindergartener sing as well as she does. I could totally see her auditioning for Canadian Idol if they had one for her age. :) A little performer that one! I think I can take credit for her inheriting a love of music. I've been starting to teach her piano and she's taking to it very well. I've been far to lacsedaisical (sp?!) about that though, so I'm determined to be more regular with her lessons this year.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Movie Review - or rather, movie warning!!

Do not, under any circumstances, go see the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. You'd think the whole idea behind the movie would've clued me in. But the previews actually made it look pretty funny....like they were mocking the whole gay marriage thing. And the first half of the movie WAS like that, and it WAS funny. The second half, on the other hand, was complete gay propaganda. We went with my SIL and BIL - and all four of us were sorry we hadn't walk out.

I HAD read some Christian reviews on the movie. But, knowing that often Christian reviewers can be too conservative at times, I thought surely it couldn't be that bad. I was wrong. It was worse.

Crosswalk's reviewer very accurately states
Under the guise of comedy (and there are some funny lines) Universal Pictures and Director Dennis Dugan are now bringing audiences two hours and twenty minutes’ worth of gay party-line preaching.
Christianity Today gives the movie zero stars, and they don't rate the movie on it's morals, they rate it on it's entertainment value and how well done it was. From their site
Our star ratings are only assessments of the quality of filmmaking, acting, cinematography, screenwriting, etc. A high rating is neither an endorsement nor a gauge of the "moral acceptability" of the subject matter.
But they definitely comment on the moral acceptability factor in the body of their reviews - about this one they state
This so-called comedy doesn't bother trying to hide its ethical and political platforms under anything resembling humor. Thus, this isn't just a film that represents anti-biblical views on marriage and homosexuality; it aggressively forces these views upon us, and paints anyone who disagrees as an ignorant bigot. Devoid not only of truth but of any kind of craft, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is the kind of pure-and-simple propaganda that doesn't lead to any kind of compassion or understanding; it only leads to anger and divisiveness. Of course, the movie's star power—the ads bill it as Sandler's long-awaited return to blockbuster comedy—ensures that it will make big bucks at the office, but responsible Christians would do well to simply pronounce this the most despicable marriage to ever be seen on the big screen.
I couldn't have said it better myself. In this case - the Christian reviews were not too conservative - they were dead on.

Do yourself a favor, save yourself some money and don't waste your time on this movie.

C is for...

C is for curls
I love the curls in my daughters' hair. They all have some. Emma has quite a few, Sophia basically just the ends, and Olivia's is looking like how Emma's looked at that age. They get it from their dad (not that you can tell since he always wears it shaved short - but if it is ever longish, it's curly!) and their aunties Deena & Linsay - their hair is almost African American curly. Isn't she cute?!

Monday, 6 August 2007

An Encyclopedia of Me

Got this idea from my sister Andrea's blog and thought it was a fun one. So, here we go.

A is for auntie.
After having the first kids on both sides of the family, it took awhile till I could say this. But I am an auntie! To 3 girls (Joelle & Malia, and Elliott) and counting on my side, and 2 boys (Colter & Baret) on Nathan's side.

B is for baby.
We're having another baby. I am 16 weeks along right now and our baby is approx 4 1/2" long. Some of her/him (who are we kidding - it'll likely be another girl!) more advanced body systems are working, including her circulatory system and urinary tract. Her heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, circulating her total blood volume through her body many times. The patterning of her scalp has begun, though her hair isn't recognizable yet. Although closed, her eyes are moving (slowly), and she's even started growing toenails. (Info courtesy of Babycenter.)

Stay tuned for the rest of the encyclopedia in days to come.


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