Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mater Birthday Cake Tutorial

Jacob has always loved the Cars movies, so this year I made him a Mater cake for his 4th birthday.  I looked at several different pictures online and took some tips from all of them, and then just did my own thing.  It was actually quite simple and is one of the quicker cakes I've made.

I baked the chocolate cake (recipe to follow in a later post) in two loaf pans.  One was used for the main part of the tow truck.  Then I cut the other one in about 3 equal pieces.  Two of them were stacked (I had to cut it down slightly as one was too short, but two was too tall) to make the cab of the truck, the rest was put in the "leftover bowl".  

Then I iced the whole thing in chocolate icing, and used white icing for the front windows/eyes.

In the meantime,. I had Emma gather up all the supplies for decorating him - I just used whatever we happened to have on hand, I had not planned well ahead of time!  But it worked out great.  This is what we used....

Oreo cookies = wheels and the front thingie
Gum (2 different sizes) = teeth
Peanut M&M's = headlights, taillights, tow truck flashing lights
Chocolate wafer = eyes (could also you M&M's but we didn't have any brown ones)
Mini and Regular sized Kit Kats and Mini Aeros = tow truck equipment
Caramilk = ears/side mirrors

And that's it!

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Andrea said...

Looks great! I bet it tasted delicious too!!!


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