Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!!!

Nathan's sister Deena and her husband Chris live out west. We just received word that their best friend Bucky was killed in a head on collision today. His wife Leah is expecting their first child in about 6 weeks. Chris is a first responder and he was the first one at the scene. Please pray for them all during this difficult time. Thank you.

Edited to add further details...
Bucky was driving on a gravel road in his truck. A semitruck was driving towards him, stirring up clouds of dust. A farmer was driving behind the semi and decided to pass the semi even though he couldn't see due to all the dust. The semi driver and Bucky waved to each other as they drove by each other - which must have been nanoseconds before the farmer hit Bucky head on. The farmer died the same day as Bucky's funeral.

Everyone's prayers are really helping! Leah is really strong right now. Continue to pray for her as other people begin to go back to their normal lives, while she has to struggle to adjust to a new "normal". Everything looks good with the baby/pregnancy.

Please also pray for Bucky's parents. This is the 2nd child that they have lost - they had a 4 yr old son who died of pneumonia years ago. They have 2 girls left. I cannot imagine going through that once, nevermind twice.

Please continue to pray for all those affected by this tragedy. Thank you.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Magnificent Creation

I'm amazed I actually had my camera with me to capture this rainbow, but since it was on the way home from a trip to the States, it was within easy reach.

I think a rainbow is a great reflection of God's love for us. This rainbow only lasted minutes - how marvelous that God would take the time to create something so beautiful to be viewed by so few. Even if no one would see it, it is a display of His glory and power and creativity.

What an awesome God we serve.


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