Monday, 25 June 2007

Honor Your Husband Challenge

I have signed up to be part of a 30 Day Honor Your Husband Challenge. With 3 children and a 4th on the way - it's all too easy for the husband to get shifted to the back burner.

My goals for this week are
  • greet him at the door when he comes homes, instead of yelling "hi" from wherever I may be at the moment (unless I'm in the middle of a diaper change :)
  • pray for him daily, throughout the day
  • compliment him - speaking well of him both in public and in private (this is something I have always strived to do, but it's always a good thing to focus on)
Focusing on Nathan's good qualities is really not that hard because there are so many of them. So, here is some public praise.....

10 Things I love about Nathan
  • his sense of humour, even when it's at my expense :)
  • his commitment and priority to me and our girls
  • his desire to make our lives easier
  • the fact that he makes scrambled eggs for breakfast virtually every Sunday morning!
  • his desire to spend time with our girls, just him and them. He'll take them shopping, etc and give me a break!
  • his work ethic - he works so hard to make sure that I can be a SAHM
  • his spiritual leadership, especially with the girls - reading them bible stories and praying with them before bed every night
  • his ability to make me feel cherished and beautiful
  • his ability to communicate, a rarity among men! :)
  • the way he fathers our daughters - he plays with them, takes time to talk with them, truly enjoys being with them
The list could definitely go on!

So, if anyone else wants to join in on the challenge - feel free!


blackpurl said...

What a great list about your husband! May God coninue to bless you and your efforts this week as you work toward your goals.

And congrats on the baby news!

Christine said...

Wow! Communication? You've got a gem there!

Great goals for the week. Congrats on expecting #4. We're still transitioning with our new 4th here. :)

Blessings for another good week!

ValleyGirl said...

Hope you don't mind me copying you -- or, following your lead, as I like to think of it!!! I think it's an awesome idea to think of concrete ways to make your husband feel like you're honoured to have him in your life. Greg actually read my blog, so now I'm really gonna have to try!!!!

Pamela said...

I think I may join you in this challenge.... Thanks for the link!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Absolutely - the more the merrier! And the more the merrier our husbands will be too right? :)


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