Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Treasure the moment

One thing I really like about being pregnant this time is that I know it's my last one (unless an act of God overrules our plans :), and I am truly trying to treasure every moment. The fact that the Zofran (anti-nausea medication) worked during more than the first half of my pregnancy definitely helped this to be a realistic possibility! :)

Treasuring the moments has also made me realize how much I will miss being pregnant. No, this does not mean I want to have more kids, we are sure on having 4 and that our family will be complete after this child is here. But there are definitely so many things I will miss and never again experience.

Probably the biggest one is the feeling of the baby moving inside me. This is the most amazing feeling in the world. Truly indescribable unless you've felt it yourself. And this baby is giving me numerous opportunities to treasure the kicking - when sitting or lying done it's practically constant it seems! (Right now included.) I love how it feels, and think it looks hilarious from the outside as well - sometimes you can see the baby practicing karate moves in there! The feeling of life is truly awe inspiring.

I also love looking pregnant. I can't stand the "fat" stage of pregnancy and am always happy to move into the "obviously pregnant" stage instead. This happened very quickly this time around - could it have anything to do with the fact that it's my 4th?! And, though I am under no illusions that I haven't gained any ... ahem... unnecessary weight, I do like the "swallowed a basketball" look that I seem to have going on. Though the basketball is getting pretty big.

Also, the amazing fact that I am a part of a miracle. And, truly, pregnancy is a miracle, despite the fact that it's very common. God is in the process of knitting together a unique and precious human being in my womb right now! I just can hardly get my mind around that - I am humbled and in awe at being a part of this amazing process. How God has designed our bodies is simply incredible.

Along with this amazing priviledge of being part of creation comes the awesome responsibility, yet again, of raising this child to become the man/woman God wants him/her to be. What a huge, huge responsibility. I need to be down on my knees more, and truly rely on Him for the wisdom needed for this monumental task.

The moment of birth is, of course, one of the most amazing experiences ever. The emotions of the moment are indescribable and overwhelming. The joy is uncontainable. And I can't wait to experience it one last time.

And, even once this pregnancy is over, there will be so many other "lasts" to treasure. The first smile (ok, I know it's just gas), the first time they grasp your finger in their tiny fists. The feeling of holding your newborn, so tiny & perfect. When you know that they KNOW you, the cooing, the laughing, the way they look at you while nursing, and all the numerous firsts to follow - rolling, sitting, standing, walking, getting teeth, talking, losing teeth, going to school, driving and getting married - ack!!

And so I will continue to treasure each moment.

Though my back may ache and my feet may pinch,
Though my belly may loom larger than life
Though my legs be restless and the nights be sleepless
Though the sight of my toes fades from memory
I will treasure this miracle in my womb, as it is to be my last.


Andrea said...

Good attitude to have! I really miss feeling my babies' kicks inside of me. I also miss nursing...keep treasuring all the first (and lasts)!

Can't wait to meet my 7th niece or 2nd nephew.....

Ruth said...

amen tammy. i feel the same way. treasure every moment. i felt that way when shiloh was waking me up every couple of hours in the middle of the night because I KNEW that this moment would be gone in a flash and all i'd have is a memory.

enjoy your final months of pregnancy! or is it a month now?

i am pregnant too! just a couple months but definitely caring a child. :)

Andrea said...

p.s. I tagged you for a HOOPLA on my blog the other day...


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