Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Surgery Update

Edited again: Dr confirmed that there is no infection. There may be some blood that got into a muscle causing a charlie horse effect in my jaw (fun fun!). And also, recovery is simply slower because I'm a mom and can't quit that job! I'm likely clenching my jaw unconsciously and simply overusing it (talking & smiling to my babes!). He recommended resting it as much as possible and using a heating pad to help relax the muscle. Unfortunately, no extra prescription for the pain.

But I think it might possibly be getting slightly better - we'll see how tomorrow goes. Thanks for all your thoughts/prayers!

My recovery is going very slowly. The pain is only marginally better today than it was at the beginning - so it's been 6 days now already. I feel like I'm going to be in pain forever! Of course, I know that it will gradually improve, but it's so hard to stay positive when you can feel so little improvement. I'm also hoping I don't find out that you become immune to Advil & Tylenol after 7 days or something :)

Edited to add: I called my dr to see if he could give me something else for the pain. Since I'm still having this much pain, he wants me to come in today to see him to make sure nothing's wrong. Please pray that everything's ok, and that he can give me someone else for the pain that'll work better. My appointment's at 2.


The Brandt Family said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
It is hard to be in pain and to feel sick when you are incharge of caring for little ones.

Roo said...

oh that's hard. thinking/praying for you...

Andrea said...

ouch! not fun. glad that you are possibly starting to notice a slight improvement though. and extra glad there is no infection.


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