Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The kids rooms

So, we've done some switching around in the kids rooms. Emma & Sophia really wanted to each have their own rooms. So the playroom has now become Sophia's room, and Emma has the big room to herself (since she's the oldest). We split up the toys and now everybody has their own rooms.

Here are Emma & Sophia fast asleep in their new rooms. They share a Jill and Jill bath.

The cutest thing though is that when we went to check on them that first night, they weren't sleeping like the above pictures. They were sleeping like this.....

Here's Jacob's room.

And this is Olivia's room.


andrea said...

you are very talented! beautiful and picture perfect...love how your girls slept...does it get more precious?

Roo said...

love your rooms.
very creative!

Jody said...

The picture of the girls is so precious. How wonderful that they love being together.

Carl & Kathy said...

The rooms are so nice. I love the colours and the squares on Olivia's room are so neat!


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