Friday, 15 August 2008

Magnificent Creation

I'm amazed I actually had my camera with me to capture this rainbow, but since it was on the way home from a trip to the States, it was within easy reach.

I think a rainbow is a great reflection of God's love for us. This rainbow only lasted minutes - how marvelous that God would take the time to create something so beautiful to be viewed by so few. Even if no one would see it, it is a display of His glory and power and creativity.

What an awesome God we serve.


XxMissMurderxX said...

ahh! I love rainbows, their amazing! but I havent seen any lately *tear*

Andrea said...

Rainbows are one of my favorite sights EVER!!

Pamela said...

great photo! Just looking at your counters and I cannot believe Sophia is starting kindergarten...she must be so excited!

Andrea said...

(totally unrelated to blogging...but I tried emailing you from work -- to return your questions from your phone message yesterday -- but the email said it was undeliverable...can you email me at work so i can get your correct address??)


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