Monday, 9 February 2009

Our new niece

Let me introduce to you our new niece - Taylor Cheyenne. Nathan's youngest sister Linsay and her husband Shaun are the proud first time parents of this darling bundle of joy. She was born Saturday, Jan 31st (just barely - 5 mins before midnight), 12 days early and she weighed 7lb 6.5oz. The delivery was rough (forceps!) but she's healthy and beautiful!

And, if you were noticing the date - yes, she was born while we were still on our cruise! But, we did make it home in time to visit them in the hospital - so other than "the phone call", we didn't miss it, thankfully!

Here are some pictures....


andrea said...

oh! she's perfect!...and so tiny too! 12 days early...lovely

Pamela said...

Congrats! She is beautiful!

Roo said...

she IS beautiful. so beautiful.

i wanted to add that i got your comment about wanting to be involved in the THUNDER blessing for the ministry of agape house (thats where the stuff collected is going)

THANKS TAMMY!!!!!!! so exciting!
you asked about a time when i am wanting the stuff by -- i was thinking of having a deadline of march 1. let me know if you are in town or if you would like your stuff picked up. xoxoxo


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