Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cuts for Cancer

Emma & Sophia have been wanting to cut their hair for some time now - especially Sophia who is rather vocal when I comb too roughly! When I heard their school was doing Cuts for Cancer right before Spring Break I asked them if they'd be interested in doing that. They were thrilled. Unfortunately, they were not so thrilled when it was cancelled due to school cancellation - especially since I wasn't particularly paying attention to the weather that day and only realized school was cancelled when they were ready and waiting by the door and we were wondering where their friends were staying!

Anyway, it was rescheduled for today and they were, once again, thrilled. The local newspaper even came out to cover the event, so I'm looking forward to seeing that! I'm rather annoyed at myself for forgetting to do a specific "before" picture this morning, but here are the before and after pictures.

1 comment:

andrea said...

how cool is that! they changed their lovely locks to cool summer dos to help thoughtful, kind and a grerat way to give what they have for others in need! their after pictures are priceless!


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