Monday, 28 September 2009

3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids - Blog Hop

The theme for this week's blog hop is "Three Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids".

Here are the "rules"...
You don't have to be a parent to participate. Everyone was a kid at some point, so you know important things they should be taught.

To keep from getting alot of the same obvious answers, try to be specific and let's bypass some of the obvious: be honest, love your parents, love God, be kind to others, accept Jesus as your Savior.

This is not a list of the MOST IMPORTANT, so do not feel like you must list the highest priority or the obvious, which will end up having the same thing repeated by everyone over and over. Try to be specific and creative. This your three items with a sentence or two explanation.

1 - Manners. Our society has completely embraced the idea of personal entitlement and totally validates self-absorption. Perhaps because of this - using good manners can make a big impact on how others view and treat you. Showing respect for others is a good way to gain their respect in return.

2 - Personal responsibility. Accepting personal responsibility for their actions is a huge lesson for kids to learn. Nobody can make you do anything. You are responsible for your choices. You are not responsible for other people's choices - but you are responsible for your reaction to them. I believe children that have a solid sense of personal responsibility will also have much higher self-esteem.

3 - Girls dressing modestly, boys treating girls respectfully. This is so totally a two-way street. Girls have the responsibility to dress modestly, recognizing how visual guys are. The guys have the responsibility to exercise self-control and to behave like gentlemen.

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Stay at Home Blessings said...

They need to learn that they are responsible for their actions. I agree with you. Kids are really so good at pointing fingers - looking for others to blame (grown-ups, too, sometimes). Been blog hopping and the to-do-list is getting longer.

LAURA said...

If I had wrote six instead of three things for my list I am pretty sure that your three would have been my 4, 5 and 6! Great list! If we can teach our kids these things they will stand out in a crowd (in a good way) any where, and day.

Josie said...

That was great! I wholeheartedly believe in the dress modest one! lol Come over and see mine!

Vanessa said...

I feel like no one dresses modestly anymore. I'm not saying throw fashion out the window. Just cover it up. Guys will perceive you in a better light if you respect your own body, and know your self worth. I'd love for you to check out my blog, it's on the blog hop too!


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