Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday Faves - TV Shows

I'm participating in Friday Faves over at It's Almost Naptime again today and the topic is favourite TV shows.

You better pour yourself a coffee cause this could get long!

Yep, I admit it - I like TV. Actually, I probably love TV. It's true. TV/computer time - one of my vices. I think it's my only vice, but maybe there's another one I'm just in denial about, who knows?!

And I let my kids watch TV too. Though admittedly I was able to crack down on the time allowed to watch tv over the summer, and so far have been doing great at keeping that up with our school-age children. But with Olivia? I admit to letting her watch tv during the day - trust me, I need my sanity.

So, my favourite shows...

Reality TV
We LOVE reality TV in this house. Here's the ones we watch regularly...

Amazing Race - probably my all time favourite reality show. I'd LOVE to be ON this show - might have to wait awhile though, pretty sure nobody's taking my 4 kids for 6 weeks so I can travel the world. But I digress...

Survivor - faithful followers since mid-way through season one, we're still going strong. I could NOT be on this show, if only because of the gross eating challenges.

Apprentice - I think I actually like the Celebrity Apprentice version better than the regular one - there's a whole lot of fireworks because all of these people are so full of themselves.could never be on this show - mainly because I can't stand Donald Trump. Working for him would likely top my list of things I'd like to do least, and I doubt I'd be able to keep my opinion of his hair to myself, and I would likely vomit after witnessing all the brown-nosing in person.

Dancing with the Stars - this one we don't watch religiously, but if we happen to catch it, we like it. I obviously couldn't be in this one - since I'm not a professional dancer (trust me, not sure you want to witness that) and I'm obviously not a celebrity - not even a B Z list celebrity.

Battle of the Blades - this is a brand new one that has ex-professional hockey players teaming up with professional figure skaters and competing against each other as teams - Dancing with the Stars on ice basically. This looks like it'll be really good.

Non-Reality Shows
The Office - LOVE it! Think it's hilarious - don't miss an episode!!

Criminal Minds - this one probably tops my list of favourite shows in any category. We only started watching it sometime during last season, but we've been doing some major catchup with all the reruns they've been showing on A&E (sometimes 8 episodes per weekend!). We're into 2007 now so we're almost caught up - which will be a little disappointing actually, we've been enjoying watching an episode almost every evening before bed (perhaps not the best time of day to watch some of those episodes!) After being very frustrated trying to figure out who Hotch was, I was relieved when my friend Pam told me that he was Greg in Dharma & Greg.

Law & Order - the original only. We used to watch SVU, but it was getting too political and we needed to cut some shows off of our list!

The Unusuals - we only caught a few episodes last year, and I think they may have pulled the plug on this one - which is too bad as it was very entertaining as well as unusual!

And then of course, there's sports. I like watching hockey and CFL football. I will watch NFL football if it's an important game. That's about it. I may be Canadian but I just can't get into watching curling on TV (or in person for that matter). And, of course, with the Olympics coming up soon that'll up our TV watching quota significantly!!

So there ya have it. Now you know how we waste spend our time once the kiddos are in bed. (though we do admit to letting the kids watch Amazing Race - they love it :)

Can I just say - we heart our PVR!!

Edited to add: I can't believe I forgot one of our all time favourite shows - SEINFELD!! We love watching the reruns, over and over again. And I bet not a week goes by that something doesn't remind me of a Seinfeld episode - just shows that it definitely was a show about "nothing" and everything at the same time.


Jobina said...

I'm a tv junkie, I admit it! This last year and a bit of having no cable has been so good for me. It all ends in a week and a half though...but I promised Mark, no TV unless the dishes are ALL done!

kristilea said...

I'm with you on The Apprentice, and The Office. We lost interest in Survivor when it became a mind game instead of actual survival.

How'd you like that Office Wedding?! I think it was one of the best eppisodes ever. Although, it's really hard to pick a favorite.

TammyIsBlessed said...

I can't believe I forgot one of our all time favourite shows - SEINFELD! I have to go edit my post now...

kristilea said...

Yes, Seinfeld is a good one too. I also like Law and Order SVU. Something about that crew and bringing justice to the most horrible people on earth!


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