Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Advent/Christmas traditions

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Either ones that your family did when you were little, or ones you have started (or continued!) doing with your own children.

As I previously posted, one of my favourites is participating in Operation Christmas Child. Unfortunately it's seems so far away from Christmas so it hardly feels like a Christmas tradition.

We always attend our church's Christmas Eve service done by our choir. Often the children sing in it as well. We also normally go out for supper afterwards, and it often takes a few phone calls to find a restaurant open Christmas Eve!

We try to drive around one evening in December just to go look at Christmas lights.

But, I'd like some more ideas.

My friend Chelsea is going to be posting her ideas of celebrating Advent with littles - you can check that out Part 1 here. I'm definitely going to be rounding up all our Christmas books!

I also found a blog dedicated to Christmas Traditions so I'm going to have to review that a bit.

One thing I'd like us to try doing this year - there is a church that sets up a live nativity "play" that you walk through. I've heard really good things about it, so maybe we'll try that this year.

If you have any ideas to share, please let me know! I'm especially looking for new ways to focus the kids towards the real meaning of Christmas (celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ), and away from the secular meaning of Christmas (presents, presents, and more presents).


ValleyGirl said...

I'm gonna have to check some of those out because I'm seriously lacking in the "tradition" department! I agree, the shoeboxes hardly feel like a Christmas tradition because they're done a month earlier.

I guess one reason we haven't really started anything with our kids is because we really want the traditions to be meaningful ~ not just ones like when and how we get to open presents ~ but we haven't really come up with anything that fits that category. Maybe I'll find some inspiration in the links you give.

Jessica Morris said...

I just blogged some of our ideas earlier today!!

It's not a complete list, but it is some of our ideas and I'll do most posts on things to do later.

Anonymous said...

I wanted a homemade advent calendar and I actually surprised myself and got made one. It is out of little mittens. You can see it here:


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