Monday, 28 November 2011

Olivia's Hearing Update

Figured today would be a good day to update you on Olivia's hearing difficulties.

We saw the ENT specialist in May and he confirmed that she had fairly severe fluid build up in both ears, but especially in her right ear. He wanted a full audiological exam done and then a follow-up appointment in November. We were free to call sooner if she developed any continuous ear infection difficulties. At first she was having some trouble with that, and I thought for sure we'd have to bring her in early and get tubes put in her ears, but they ended up going away and she hasn't had any subsequent issues.

The audiological exam was done in June and had less than impressive results. Her right ear had fairly significant hearing loss, including only being able to hear conversationally at 8%. Not good.

We seemed to be noticing some improvement, and with no more ear ache troubles, we remained hopeful that God was healing her, likely through the growth of her body causing the eustachian tube to angle properly (instead of being too horizontal, preventing proper ear drainage, as this was likely the cause of the trouble).

Today was her follow up appointment - she first had an audiological exam followed by an appointment with the ENT specialist. And - her hearing is perfect and the fluid is gone! No surgery needed, not even any follow up appointments needed. Praise the Lord!

PS - forgot one crucial part of this story....

Later this afternoon, after school, Olivia told us that, during the hearing test at school (routine for all kingergarteners and Grade 1ers), she could hear all the beeps, but she didn't raise her hand for all of them cause the hearing tests are fun and she wanted to go to more of them!

Oy vey! Only Olivia.

Don't worry, I made her fess up to her teacher (so she didn't waste any of our educational resources and money) and apologize for the deception. But I gotta say, privately, I totally laughed.


LaughingLady said...

That is awesome news! What a great answer to prayer!!

CyndyB said...

Such a relief! Thanks for sharing.

Kristen said...

Great news!! : )


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