Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cookie Monster: Sesame Street Characters Cupcake Tutorial

Welcome back to my four part series: Sesame Street Character Cupcake Tutorial.  Yesterday featured Elmo and today I bring you - Cookie Monster!

For Cookie Monster you will need....

my Hershey's awesome cake/cupcake recipe
Wilton's blue no taste food colouring
2 white chocolate wafers (aka candy melts) per cupcake
brown icing for pupils
mini chocolate chip cookies

Using Wilton's blue no taste food colouring, pipe your Cookie Monster blue icing onto those delicious cupcakes using a star tip.

Place white chocolate wafers (candy melts) at the top of Cookie Monster's head (nicely done Emma!)

Then shove a mini chocolate chip cookie into Cookie Monster's "mouth area".

Using a round tip, pipe chocolate icing onto the white chocolate wafers, making sure the pupil is at the bottom right "corner" for the left eye, and the top left "corner" for the right eye.

And voila!  Cookie Monster!

Stay tuned for Oscar the Grouch tomorrow!

One thing I may have forgotten to mention.  This food colouring may be no taste, but it's definitely not no stain!

1 comment:

Pamela said...

They look so good!! Love the cookie for the mouth!


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