Tuesday, 20 January 2009

PushUp Update

I'm still doing the Hundred Pushup Challenge. Unfortunately I seem to have hit a plateau. I've been doing Week 4 Day 1 for at least 6 days now - it's just so brutally difficult I haven't been able to move past it. I guess I'll just have to keep at it. It's 5 sets of pushups (yes, from the toes!) - 21, 25, 21, 21, 32. Yep, brutal.

I've also just started doing the Two Hundred Sit Ups Challenge this past week. My abs are actually pretty strong from doing the pushup challenge - doing them normally I could do 72 which meant I could start on Week 5 of training. That seemed too easy, so I tried them on my Bender Ball instead. Can you say brutal?! So, yeah, definitely started with Week 1 training (still Level 3 though) using the Bender Ball - it is a challenge that's for sure!!

Unfortunately, the scale has actually inched up by 1 or 2 pounds. However, I know that muscle weighs more than fat, so that is likely the culprit.

Either way, hopefully I don't pack on too much over our cruise!


Jobina said...

you...are my hero! How you can do that many situps and pushups is beyond me, but way to go! I think there should be some MAJOR reward for the day you hit 100!

Nicole said...

Go Tammy!! You were the one that inspired me to the do the sit ups so THANK YOU!!! I owe ya one!!

Jessica Morris said...

Very cool, I may try this too!

I run 4 days a week - half heartedly before Christmas, but since the New Year I haven't missed it, but the scale has remained the same. It's discouraging!
I can't wait to see the numbers getting smaller :)

Roo said...

k. i am SUPER impressed tammy!i just tried doing sit ups and push ups and...uh....i'm quite a bit behind you. go tammy go!


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