Sunday, 2 August 2009

Coming up on Friday - Mom 2 Mom Wrap Up

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Mom 2 Mom Carnival "Encouraging Your Children's Relationship With Jesus".

On Friday I will wrap it up by mentioning something from each participant's entry that impacted me.

And, since we have had several late entries, I've decided to give away another one of my Seeds of Worship cd's!

Along with the latest entries, all original participants (other than Nic who already won) will be entered into the draw twice (as an on-time "bonus"!). So, if you've been considering doing your own post, you have until Friday's Wrap Up to get yours up for another shot at one of these great cd's.

1 comment:

Jessica Morris said...

sweet!! :)
I was actually just going to order the cd today, but now I'll wait just in case, lol.
Or maybe I'll just order the one Nicole ordered... I think I may do that :)

I almost ordered from iTunes since I have a gift card, but I love the idea of having two cds :)


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