Monday, 27 July 2009

Mom 2 Mom Giveaway Winner

Thank you to those who participate in my Mom 2 Mom Carnival. I've really been encouraged and inspired with new ideas from reading your posts. And isn't encouraging each other exactly what we're supposed to be doing as sisters in the Lord? Thank you ladies! I have learned from each of you.

I used the random number generator to pick the winner of this Carnival Giveaway, using the order of participants in the comments, and it picked participant/commentor #3 which is Nic from Australia!!

So, Nic - take a look at the 3 cd's I purchased (if you click on each album you can listen to a short clip of each song) and pick your favourite, email me your selection and address and I will mail it to you in short order! Congratulations!!!

And thanks again to all who participated. Anybody else who was thinking of posting on the same topic, feel free to still do so anytime and link it back to my carnival (and post a comment so I get notified). I'd still LOVE to hear your thoughts - there's no such thing as too much encouragement!


Nicole said...

Oh yay!! this is the first time I have ever one anything :)
I love the "faith" one, well I know Grace will because it has a song on there called "Grace" those are always her favourite types of songs.
Thanks so much Tammy!!

Jessica Morris said...

Aww, congrats Nicole!!

Now I am going to go buy one of them, we've been listening to them on youtube since you introduced us to them and I looooove them!

Jessica Morris said...

oh, do they all come with two cds? I think I'll just order one cd, but I'd love to give one away like you did :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Jessica
Looks like I might be the only one in Australia to have this cd, I looked to see if they sold it here in Australia and they don't!!

Peggy said...

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