Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bible Challenge - Option 2

Edited to add: see details at the bottom of this post.

As I was thinking about the Bible Reading and Beyond challenge I threw out there the other day, I had another thought.

I know for some people the thought of reading through the whole Bible in one year just seems like such a daunting task. You might fall behind and then it would be too overwhelming to catch up, and then you would've failed at reading the Bible and you would feel really bad.

And that's not going to anybody any good!

So, I had another thought. Why does it have to be all or nothing?

It doesn't!

If you are interested in participating, but not sure if you could be the whole Bible in one year - this option is for you!

If we select the reading plan that has a different type of book for every day of the week, you could commit to reading anywhere from 1 - 7 of those days! You could pick just the Gospels. You could pick just the books of Poetry. You could read both the books on History and the Epistles. You could do Gospels, Psalms and Prophecy. You can literally pick any combination that you like!

And just cause the plans says that Poetry is on Thursdays doesn't mean you have to read on Thursdays. If you really want to do Poetry, but Thursdays are crazy busy days for you, and you know you'd be more successful if you read on Tuesdays, then read on Tuesdays! Simply pick the day that works best for you and make it a priority. Or if it works best for you to read the week's passage in small sections every day of the week (instead of a large passage one day) - then do it that way!

You can also pick how often you'd like to contribute a devotional/study/thoughts. I would still like to see a regular commitment for accountability, but how often is up to you (once a week, twice a month or once a month, etc).

So often we (especially first-borns, perfectionists, etc) tend to have an all or nothing mentality. If I can't do it perfectly, if I can't succeed 100%, if I can't be the best, then I'm just not going to even try. Ladies (or any men that read this!), that's not from the Lord. If you didn't have a regular Bible reading/devotional habit before - then any commitment is better than nothing. You have to start somewhere, and who cares if you start small? So long as you start! Your efforts will be rewarded. You will draw closer to Him. You will reflect Him to those around you. And you will be able to be more discerning. There is no downside here!

So - who's with me now?!

Details on how I think this will work (if anyone has suggestions to improve this process, feel free to chime in).....

I will create a new blog for this venture, and all people who want to be involved and regularly contributing, I will email an invitation with the rights to post to this blog. As guest posters you will be able to post your own devotional directly to the blog, but you will not have rights to edit other posts or to change the blog layout/design.

Every day I will post the scripture references as will as a direct link to Bible Gateway where you would be able to read those scripture references. I'm not sure if I'll only link the NIV translation, or if I will provide a few options (it's easy enough for you to change once you get there anyway, so I'll likely just do the one option). I will try to post at the same time every day (probably 9am) so that everyone knows when they can come on and read/post their own comments. (This means I'll likely actually be writing out my posts in advance and schedule posting them appropriately).

And of course, everyone is welcome to post in the comments their own thoughts on the day's readings and/or devotional.


Andrea said...

YES, YES, YES!! I *need* to do this!

kristilea said...

Okay, I'm in! Please let me know how to change the translation, because I only read from the King James. I guess I could just use my own though, for that matter. I've been reading an exceptional book called, disciplines of a Godly Woman, and it's really working a number on me. We'll make this part of my new "disciplined" life!


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