Saturday, 26 December 2009

New blog - up and running!

Join me in the pursuit of discernment!

My new blog is now up and running.

For all those who would like to participate in the One Year Bible Reading Plan and Beyond - please email me at ntreimer at mts dot net. Please let me know which Bible reading plan you would prefer (Chronological or Weekly Theme format), how strongly you would prefer that plan and how often you would like to commit to posting on the blog. In order to give you rights to post on my blog I will also need to have the email address that is connected to your blogging profile.

I created my button with the "Theme" reading plan in mind (as that seemed to be what was popular so far), but it will be majority rules on this, so do please let me know what you want.

Looking forward to starting this journey together!!


kristilea said...

I think there are pros and cons to each one. I like the variety of the Theme, but I'm afraid it might be difficult to keep up with each section of in by next Wednesday for example, I might have forgotten what was read the previous Wednesday. It's almost like trying to read several books all at once and keeping up with what's going on in each one of them! I'll go with the flow, whatever is decided! My email is listed on my contact page! Let me know if you have any trouble getting it.

Pamela said...

Hey! I am interested in joining you but I am REALLY behind on my readings for this year! I am still hoping to get it finished by the time my 101 in 1001 deadline. I will likely pop over to the new blog to read though.


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