Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Just another day in the life of Olivia

It was just another day in the life of Olivia.

Only it was kindergarten registration day!!

Finally, the long awaited day had arrived (yes, this story is a few months old, but I had to tell it!). I had been very clear with her several times that this wasn't kindergarten, and she wasn't going to get to start kindergarten for a long time yet. No false expectations here!

I had previously made arrangements to drop Jacob off at Nathan's mom's so we could celebrate this special day just the two of us. So, we dropped him off and then off we went to school.

They had a couple of long tables set up outside the office with books and colouring for the kids to do while the parents filled out the registration forms.

So, I sat down to fill out the forms and Olivia quietly sat down and started to read traipsed into the office and sat down behind the desk with the secretary. By the time I was done, the secretary had given her a pen and was asking her whether she'd like to make an announcement over the intercom! So, over the intercom, the secretary introduced Olivia to the school and then Olivia got to say "Recess is outside. Recess is outside."

The kid's not even in school yet and she's already done something 98% of the kids have never done!

Of course, Emma & Sophia heard the announcement and came down to say hi and a few of the teachers did too.

I had told Olivia that we would go see the kindergarten class and if it was empty we could look around a bit. Well, it wasn't empty but Mrs. H recognized Olivia (of course!) and invited her in to choruses of "Hi Olivia!" from the class. The teacher asked her if she knew anyone there (knowing of course that she did) and she said "A! She's my best friend!" at which point another little girl piped up "A is my best friend". Thankfully it ended there. Then Olivia was invited to stay for the rest of story time and she sat down criss cross apple sauce like she'd been sitting down in storytime with this class every day this year. When the story was over the recess bell rang and the kids begged if Olivia could play with them at recess. Unfortunately this whole process had taken significantly longer than I had anticipated (what had I been thinking would happen exactly?!), and we needed to go eat lunch yet! So, we left to choruses of "Bye Olivia!" Yup, she was quite the star!

Then I took her to a local restaurant for lunch.

Which apparently was the highlight of her day. Who needs kindergarten when you've got mom to yourself at the restaurant!

Later I told her to tell her dad/grandma/grandpa/etc what the secretary let her do at school today. You know, expecting her to tell them about the intercom excitement. Nope.

"She gave me a pen!"

Yep, just another day in the life of Olivia.


andrea said...

too funny!

Jody said...

What a wonderful story! You could write a book about her! :)

Nicole said...

Brave kid!


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