Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Girls weekend!

My MIL decided to celebrate her 60th birthday by taking her two daughters and her only favourite daughter-in-law on a girls shopping weekend to the City two hours South of us. She even flew out one of those daughters from out west - she paid for each of us to get to her house - I think she promised me a quarter, since we live in the same town. However, I have yet to see said quarter - LOL!
(apparently there was a bit of a belt theme going on)

In total, we left 8 children behind with their more than capable fathers (yes, we have half the grandchildren - for now!) and packed as light as we could, to leave room for all our purchases on the return trip.

(two more shirts and two pair of jeans)

We had an absolute blast!

It was also very successful from a shopping perspective. I think it's safe to say we've done our part to contribute to the US economy ;)

Last, but not least, a jacket and purse!
(Of course, I also bought stuff for my rockin' husband and precious children)


Nicole said...

Where oh where did you get all of these awesome items?!

TammyIsBlessed said...

A combination of Macy's, Maurice's, Kohl's and Gordman's. :)

Andrea said...

Wow -- you struck gold!! I love every single item you brought home with you. If ever you decide that any of them don't fit you quite as good as you thought they did in the few minutes you had them on in the changing know where you can send them. :)

Jen said...

super cute stuff Tammy! What a fun shopping trip :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

I know Andrea! I was really proud of myself, on this trip I only bought stuff I really really liked - and not just cause it was on a good sale ;)


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