Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Halloween 2010

Emma was a pirate (apparently $14 Walmart costumes don't come with eyepatches or anything), Sophia was Miss Morticia, Olivia was a good witch and Jacob was a pirate as well (he looks very enthusiastic, doesn't he?!). And no, we do not suddenly have 5 children. The little cow is my niece Taylor. The guys took the kids trick or treating while us ladies were driving home from our girls weekend away - shopping pics to come tomorrow!

And, of course, our trick-or-treaters were the polite ones who yelled "Trick or treat!" at every house and said thank you for the candy. We followed all of my sister's excellent Trick or Treat etiquette advice before she even posted it. Cuz we're cool like that.


Andrea said...

Ha ha...Jacob is hilarious in this picture! I wonder what the 'after' picture would've looked like...you know, AFTER all of the candy. :)

Glad you all followed my etiquette tips!

Jen said...

That's fun, I was a pirate too! Argg!


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