Friday, 16 September 2011

Book Review: Fairer than Morning by Rosslyn Elliott

About the Book: Ann dreams of a marriage proposal from her poetic suitor, Eli-until Will Hanby shows her that nobility is more than fine words.

On a small farm in 19th-century Ohio, young Ann Miller is pursued by the gallant Eli Bowen, son of a prominent family. Eli is the suitor of Ann's dreams. Like her, he enjoys poetry and beautiful things and soon, he will move to the city to become a doctor.

Ann travels to Pittsburgh, accompanying her father on business. There she meets Will Hanby, a saddle-maker's apprentice. Will has spent years eking out an existence under a cruel master and his spirit is nearly broken. But Ann's compassion lights a long-dark part of his soul. Through his encounters with Ann's father, a master saddler, Will discovers new hope and courage in the midst of tremendous adversity.

When the Millers must return to Ohio and their ministry there, Will resolves to find them, at any cost. If Will can make it back to Ann, will she be waiting?

Read an excerpt here.

My Thoughts: This book dealt with a lot of heavy subject matter (abuse, the Underground Railroad, slavery, forgiveness, etc), but it was handled in a compassionate, yet realistic way. The characters are very well-developed and their reactions, thoughts, words and actions are realistic (iow, they don't always make the right choices)

Excellent drama, incredibly moving storyline, captivating characters and a plot that turns out to be based on a true story and true characters - incredible!

I do love historical drama, and this was no exception.

This was Elliott's debut novel - I look forward to reading a lot more from this author!

Thank you to Stephanie and Amy from Litfuse Publicity for organizing this tour and providing me with my complimentary review copy.


Rosslyn Elliott said...

Tammy, thank you for taking the time to read and review Fairer than Morning. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

And one more thing...if you have a chance to post this review on Amazon at some point, I'd really appreciate it! We debut authors need all the help we can get. :-)


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