Friday, 16 September 2011

Summer Update

Yeesh, I've been in a blogging slump lately. I guess that's because we've just been so stinkin' busy!

We had an absolutely fanTASTic summer. I can't remember when the weather has last been this amazing, and the bugs so few - unheard of for our neck of the woods that's for sure!

Here's a quick rundown of our summer - more details and photos to come.

Literally, the day after school was over, we drove Sophia to camp for her first camping experience ever! (LOVED it!) She was there for 2 nights.

That Monday we started swimming lessons for 30 mins every morning for 2 weeks straight (not weekends). I somehow managed to find coordinating lessons times for all 4 kids that started within 5 minutes of each other - AND got them all in! An amazing feat, especially since I needed 2 spots for one class as Emma and Sophia were at the same level.

The following week was Emma's turn for camp - she went from Monday morning to Friday evening, also her first camp experience, also LOVED it, as I knew she would.

The next week all 3 girls went to our church's day camp (Olivia was so excited that she was finally old enough to go!). Each girl had at least one friend they were going with and they had an absolute blast.

The next week was nothing officially planned, so we went on a few outings.

The following week we took the kids to the States for swimming, shopping and eating - always good times.

The next two weeks were an amazing celebration time as Nathan's sister Deena and her husband Chris and their boys came out to visit from a few provinces over. Including Baret, whose miracle story I still need to share on this blog.

And that brought us to the last full week without school! Did some babysitting, some splashparking and just had fun enjoying my kids.

What a great summer!


LaughingLady said...

Whew, I'm exhausted!!! Sounds like a fun, busy summer!!

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