Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Still waiting

I don't think I mentioned this in any previous posts but I had to go in for a 2nd ultrasound due to a "potential" problem with the baby's kidneys. The opening is apparently dilated more than it should be, but it also apparently a very common problem at 20weeks gestation (at the time of my 1st ultrasound). My dr said that with all her other patients that have had the same "problem", it has cleared up, or registered as normal at the 2nd ultrasound. She said that even in a worse case scenario where it didn't not clear up, it would require a minor surgical procedure after birth and the problem would be fixed - so not a permanent condition or anything. She said if it was her own ultrasound she wouldn't be concerned, that they just wanted to do the 2nd ultrasound as a precaution basically.

So, I wasn't really worried, until I remembered that kidney problems do run in our family to some degree. My sister Andrea had a kidney operation as a baby, and one of my cousin's babies just recently had one as well. So, this has made me slightly nervous awaiting my test results.

I had the ultrasound on Thursday, but my doctor only works Tuesdays and Thursdays so I figured I wouldn't get the results until today. Well, today has come and gone and still no results. I called my dr and she was going to call me when she got the results. She didn't call, so at 4:30 I tried again. They said they hadn't gotten the results in yet. So I called the hospital and they said they did send the results. So I called my dr back and the receptionist double checked and saw that they had come in now and she would get the dr to call me back. Well, that didn't happen. So, I guess now I'm stuck waiting till Thursday. But I think I'll try calling the office tomorrow to see if a different dr can tell me the results - this is just such a long wait!

I haven't been too stressed about it, I just don't like the not knowing.

I know I'll for sure find out Thursday - cause I have a dr appointment then.

Have patience, have patience...... sigh, not one of my virtues unfortunately.


Andrea said...

Keep me posted on these results. I'll be praying...

Angela Brandt said...

Hi tammy,
Praying that everything will work out well.

ValleyGirl said...

It's not one of my virtues either. I can only imagine how tough it would be to wait for those kinds of test results. You'll be in my prayers today as you continue to wait (hopefully no more than a couple more hours!) and that the news is good.


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