Thursday, 11 October 2007

Ultrasound results

So my dr called me with my ultrasound results this morning.

The results are still the same - there is a minor dilation in the kidney opening. She said I should not be concerned. That the majority of the time this will still become normal at some point during the pregnancy or even early on after birth. She said they will do a fetal assessment around 32 weeks, and possibly another one afterwards, in order to get a frame of reference as to the size of the opening so they can monitor if it's improving or not. If it is still there at the last fetal assessment they will do an ultrasound on the baby within the first 2 months. If it is still present at that time a minor surgical operation would have to be performed to fix it.

The fact that they wrote "minor" on the results is apparently significant. She is confident that the opening will become normal and is not expecting surgery to be necessary. Of course, she cannot guarantee anything, but that is her expectation.

I would appreciate your continued prayers that our baby would be healed so that the surgery would be unnecessary.

Thank you!!


Andrea said...

"Minor" is definitely a good sign -- although I can still understand if there's some worry involved.

And if by some small chance, surgery will be necessary -- if it's any consolation, I don't remember a thing about what I went through when I was a year old!

Anonymous said...

Keep positive. I know it is hard sometimes, knowing that there could be something wrong with the baby no matter how minor.
It could totally clear up by the time she or he makes their apperance in the world.
And if not, take heart in what Andrea said - she doesn't remember a thing!
Angela Brandt

Ruth said...

praying for your sweet baby. and you. xo

Pamela said...

Adding you to my prayers! :)


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