Monday, 24 November 2008

New fitness goal

Since giving birth 10 months ago for the fourth time, I have managed to shed most of the baby weight I had leftover. I've lost about 20 lbs and have only about 6 more pounds to go to reach my goal weight. However, I've been at the point for about 2 months now already. Part of the problem? All my clothes fit again. Huh? How is that a problem you ask? Well, it's harder to be motivated when one of your big motivating factors was to be able to fit into your pre-baby clothes!

So, I'm making a new fitness goal - I found The Hundred Pushups Training Program. Now, I have to admit I'm rather out of shape at this point - something which is rather unusual for me actually. I have been committed to exercising about 5 days a week for about 10 years now. During the summer my exercise takes the form of hour to hour and a half long walks pushing a heavy double stoller with my best friend Candace. For some reason though, I just haven't managed to get myself back into exercising indoors after the weather made these outdoor walks rather unpleasant. And since I was only walking in the summer and not weight training - well, let's just say that I felt my pushup test was rather pathetic. I did the initial test which is basically just doing as many full body pushups as you can with proper form.

I did 11.

Now, I somewhat regretting pushing past 10 because that means my training program is starting off a lot harder than it would've been if I had done 10 cause I made it up into the next category! Argh! Anyway, today was my first training day and I am committing to going through the program and I'm making it public so I have some accountability!

I'm adding an extra challenge though - I'm also going for 100 situps (using the Bender Ball I purchased which makes them really hard!) . I'm using the same program to work up to this goal.

So, there you have it! Go me!

Edited to add: I am also doing aerobics every other day - and I'll likely do some lower body weight training the same days I do the pushups/situps training.


Jobina said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I did the test...lets just say that I'm in level 1...and I belong there! I did day one. Wow, is that ever hard! This could be very good, not just for my arms, but my abs too! I'm with you!

ValleyGirl said...

Good for you!! I'm tempted to check out the test, but I'm likely not going to admit the results!!

Andrea said...

Good luck with that! I wouldn't even attempt the push-ups!!

Sit-ups? Yeah, maybe...

andrea said...

i have been doing Tony Hortons' Power 90...tons of pushups( i do the easy way though...but the burn is still there) and his TH 100 Ab workout. go ahead get strong and healthy. But don't worry so much about the weight, with having kids, you lift so much(i know though getting back to our goal # would be nice)...remember the muscle weighs more rule!!!


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