Wednesday, 26 November 2008

PushUp Update

My abs are so sore. Seriously.

Pushups affect your abs much more than I thought they did. On Day 1 of my workout I had a really hard time doing the situps after the pushups. Today, for Day 2 - my abs hurt so bad I literally could not do the situps at all. So, I will wait till my abs have recovered a bit, and then I will do 1/2 the situps and see how that goes.

My armpits hurt too of course. Ugh - this is gonna be hard!

Each workout is 5 sets of pushups. Day 1 you rest 60 seconds, Day 2 you rest 90 seconds, Day 3 you rest 180 seconds (or more if needed), then it starts over again at 60 seconds. Today I did 10, 12, 8, 8 and then the max you can do - which was 14!!!! Go me!


Andrea said...

Sounds like it will be effective though. Hey, what if you switched things around and did your sit-ups first and then the push-ups?

It might not make much difference, since both excercises involve the abs, but it's worth a shot...

ValleyGirl said...

Keep it up, Tammy! You hurt like crazy now, but it's something you'll never regret in the long run! And not many people can brag they can do 100 push-ups, so you'll have that, too!!

Nicole said...

Woo hoo! Can you do a few for me please? I am soooooo not motivated to work out but I really want to lose the flab on my belly!!


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