Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Push Up Update

So, after Week 2 of the PushUp training program you're supposed to do another exhaustion test to see where you're at. Basically you do as many consecutive pushups as you can without killing yourself. I had to do this before starting the program so see what level of training to follow.

Before starting the program I could do 11.

Now..... drum roll please..... I can do 28!

That's a pretty good improvement in 4 weeks of training I'd say (yes, it took me 4 weeks to do 2 weeks worth of training - I repeated one day for one week because it was so difficult, and took almost a week off when we went on our little trip). Unfortunately this also means I have to train at the highest level of training this week - and this week's training looks scary! Wish me luck.


Nicole said...

Wow! You're my hero!

100 pushups?! I know you will be able to do it! Take your time and only do what your body will allow.

You rock!

Jobina said...

Amazing! You've more than double your amount in a month, that's progress!!!

Pamela said...

Awesome! I have not tried to do pushups in years...I don't think I could even do 1!

andrea said...

how do you feel...other than sore? way to go! sounds intriguing!


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