Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sunday School Christmas Program

Our church had our Sunday School Christmas program this past Sunday. The Grade 2 class were asked to draw illustrations for the bulletin - so there were numerous different bulletins handed out with different illustrations from the students. Here is the bulletin we got - illustrated by our Emma of course!

Here is some video from the program, starting with our youngest Sunday School kid. (I can't believe Jacob will be up there next year!)


During this segment, the 3 yr olds brought their favourite toy along to answer the question "If you were to visit Jesus in the manger, what would you bring Him?" Olivia got a gingerbread girl as a gift from her SS teachers that morning, so guess what her new favourite toy is?


In case you don't recognize them, Sophia is the sheep.....


Emma is the angel on the far left.....


Aren't they adorable?!


ValleyGirl said...

Very cute!! And now I'm kicking myself because I didn't even THINK to set my camera on video to record the girls' parts!! DUH.

Roo said...

sunday school programs are THE BEST! we had our first "moment" last week too and i am hooked. what a rush to see our little ones up there singing their hearts out.


here's the link to the craft i had posted on my blog....

Nicole said...

Very cute!!!

Pamela said...

Too cute! I had to laugh because I actually had a hard time picking Kade out in the lineup! I am not used to seeing my 7 year old son with facial hair, lol!


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