Monday, 20 July 2009

Song Special

Here is a video of Emma & Sophia singing special music in church yesterday. Sorry for the brutal quality, Nathan was just using our regular camera which is awesome for still photos, not so awesome for video - especially zoomed in as much as he had to. But the sound came out pretty good and that's the important part, so....





Kristen said...

That just made my day! Thanks for sharing!


Jessica Morris said...

How precious!!
They have beautiful voices and are so brave to sing in front of everyone!

Jobina said...


Nicole said...

I agree with Jessica, what confident girls you have!!
They did a lovely job :)

kristilea said...

That is so precious. They did a fantastic job. It makes me tear up sometimes when I hear my 4 year old girl singing praise songs to the Lord. Even when she's in her room playing. Thanks for sharing!

Pamela said...

I was lucky to see the live concert ;)

Andrea said...

wow -- check out the pipes on those nieces of mine! especially emma. :) i could easily hear her over sophia, but who does that surprise? :)

i would LOVE it if my girls would do that, but i don't see it in their near future that's for sure.

Claire said...

I just found this! They are adorable, and your piano playing is ace!



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