Friday, 24 June 2011

Emma's Age 10 Interview

And last, but certainly not least, here's Emma's Age 10 interview...

How old are you now Emma? 10
What grade are you in? 4
What's your favourite thing about school? being with friends, with my friends
What's your favourite subject? writing
Who's your teacher? Miss Buffie, no that's not how she spells it, it's Ms Buffie.
Do you like school? I LOVE school! It's so educational :)
What's your favourite color? light blue
What’s your favourite drink? 7-up
What's your favourite food? cottage cheese perogies
What’s your favourite game? playing babysitter for pretend
What’s your favourite treat? going to sleepovers - that's a treat for me because I don't get to very often
What's your favourite snack? carrots dipped in peanut butter
What's your favourite restaurant? Famous Dave's in Fargo - I like the ribs
What's your favourite place? my room or Disney World
What's your favourite toy? my doll Mikenna
What's your favourite book? The Frog Princess because the Princess' name is Emma, because the book is interesting
What's your favourite sport? hockey
What's your favourite movie? I haven't seen it yet, but it looks really good, does that count? Monte Carlo
What's your favourite TV show? Full House and Wizards of Waverly Place
Who is your favourite celebrity? Selena Gomez
What's your favourite thing to do? hang out with my friends
What's your favourite thing to wear? shorts and a t-shirt
Who are some of your best friends? Emily, Madison H, Michelle D, Arrielle, Nyiah and Elora
Who's your favourite person? Other than God? Other than family? Elora
What is your favourite song? Who Says by Selena Gomez
What's one of the best things you've done with your family? Go to Disney World together and going to the States
What do you like best about Disney World? the rides and the pool at the house
What do you like best about going to the States? shopping and swimming


Chelsea Rae said...

These are awesome Tammy!! Now get on those photobooks! They are so easy and fun. :P My kids love looking at ours.

Colleen said...


Andrea said...

Cute interview!


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