Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Olivia's Age 6 Interview

I got this idea from a friend's blog and thought it was a great idea. Even though it's not their birthdays, I'm doing it now anyway. I'd like to do it every year and put it in their photobooks. You know, if I ever get around to making their photobooks.

So, here's Olivia's interview!

How old are you now Olivia?
What grade are you in? What grade am I in? Kindergarten
What's your favourite thing about school? recess
What's your favourite thing you do in school not during recess? inside recess
How about not including inside recess? printing, drawing pictures actually
Do you like school? no, maybe, yes
What's your favorite color? favourite colour's fuschia and purple
What’s your favorite drink? drink? I'll have to think about that one for a moment, mom. Mom, you know those cans downstairs? I like all of those. So you can't write them all. (orange crush, grape crush, Dr. Pepper, I think that's it)
What's your favorite food? perogies and cheese
What’s your favorite game? game? I'll have to think about that one too. Do puzzles!
What’s your favorite treat? My favourite treat is, think about it. Chocolate bars! Kit Kat and, mom, you know that one that umm, is that, sounds kind of like oreo, the one that you eat it and it looks like bubbles inside? What's it called? Aero!
What's your favorite snack? favourite snack? Jell-o
What's your favorite restaurant? can I do 3 favourites? Hannah's?! Montana's! Boston Pizza and Tim Horton's
What's your favorite place? My favourite place is visiting my cousins in Alberta
What's your favorite toy? toy, my favourite toy is, hmmm, think about it. My dolls.
What's your favorite book? My favourite book is, think about it. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
What's your favorite sport? hockey, soccer, ummm, that's it
What's your favorite movie? My favourite movie is the one that's coming out - Cars 2!
What's your favorite TV show? TV show, my favourite TV show is L'il Lulu
What's your favorite thing to do? do puzzles, that's my favourite game!
What's your favorite thing to wear? dress
Who are some of your best friends? Amber, uh, Liv and Arwen
Who's your favorite person? Amber, I mean me!
What is your favorite song? Song? God Save our Gracious Queen, I like that one.
What's one of the best things you've done with your family? be around them (gives Mom a hug) That's my most favourite part with my family. Having my dad's birthday, mom's, Emma's, Soph's, Jay's. Is that the last question? Going to restaurants.
Not Disney World? Disney World!
What's your favourite thing about Disney World? My favourite thing about Disney World is the rides.
What's your favourite ride? My favourite ride is the Peter Pan one and Mountain Thunder Railroad? Was it called that one? Mom, you know that one where you go very fast? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


Kristen said...

Love this! Am so going to copy it as Maya is turning 5 in a few days! : )

Andrea said...

Ha ha...that's my sweet Olivia! Loved that tremendously!!

b&b breakfast said...

Awesome Posting !


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