Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sophia's Age 8 Interview

Continuing on with the "birthday" interviews. Here is Sophia's 8th Yr Interview....

How old are you now Sophia? I'm 8
What grade are you in? 2
Who's your teacher? Miss Mauws
What's your favourite thing about school? um, I get to be with my friends
What's your favourite subject? computers and gym
Do you like school? ummm, ehhhh
What's your favourite color? hmmm, fuschia
What’s your favourite drink? uhhh, strawberry lemonade
What's your favourite food? perogies!
What’s your favourite game? playing pre-school for pretend
What’s your favourite treat? candy
What's your favourite snack? cookies, double chocolate chip cookies
What's your favourite restaurant? Famous Dave's in Fargo - ribs!
What's your favourite place? Ruckers!
What's your favourite toy? DS
What's your favourite book? Nancy Drew
What's your favourite sport? Is dance a sport? If dance is not a sport, then hockey
What's your favourite movie? Annie and Little House on the Prairie
What's your favourite TV show? Full House
Who's your favourite celebrity? Selena Gomez
What's your favourite thing to do? paint my nails
What's your favourite thing to wear? my skinny jeans and my white and pink striped t-shirt with a necklace
Who are some of your best friends? Emily, Marie, Madison, Phoebe, Dilyn, Emma, Ashley, Hannah, Danielle, Karina, that's about it
Who's your favourite person? Me!
What is your favourite song? Our Song by Taylor Swift and Who Says by Selena Gomez
What's one of the best things you've done with your family? Go to Disney World
What's your favourite thing about Disney World? going on the rides and the nice house
What's your favourite ride at Disney World? Mom, what's that roller coaster called that we always went on in the Magic Kingdom? MOM! (giggling) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (giggling) Don't put that on!
What's your favourite store? Claire's!!


Colleen Marie said...

Oh my goodness Tammy. . she is your mini-me:)

. .. and love the interview idea!!

Andrea said...

I can totally hear her saying her answers!

Online Shopping said...

Fantastic interview Question and really nice posting


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