Monday, 2 July 2007

Hmmmmmm, strawberries!!

Strawberries are my favourite fruit of all time. And it is now officially strawberry season - woohoo!

The first day of picking was on Saturday, but when I asked Nathan about it he said he wouldn't have time to go on Saturday because they wanted to get all the trusses up on our new house - with the goal to have the framing finished before next weekend. And, being the good wife that I am, I didn't bug him about it because I knew that he would go during the week sometime before work :)

BUT, Saturday morning he walks into our room with 4 pails of strawberries - what a surprise! And this morning he took Emma and they picked 3 more pails. She then got to go with Dad and Grandpa to the hotel for breakfast before they left to work on our house. She had a blast. What a great guy, eh?

Strawberries in cereal (Cheerios for me of course)
Strawberries and ice cream
Strawberry pie!!! (courtesy of Nathan's mom)
Strawberries by themselves

Hmmm, hmmmm good. Excuse me while I go eat another strawberry!


Andrea said...

Ha! How alike are we?? Check out my blog; I just posted about strawberries too!!

(except I make my own pie!!)

Pamela said...

MMmmmm! I love strawberries too! They always taste so good picked fresh!

Ruth said...

mmmmmm.....(as ruth turns green with envy) ;)


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